Child Participation in Safeguarding 2022

A global conference on children and young people’s participation in safeguarding

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) not only includes the right for children to be protected from violence, it means that children have the right to have their opinions taken into account in matters that affect them, including on the development of child safeguarding measures.

Organisations that do not consult with children to identify child abuse risks or when they are developing or evaluating safeguarding measures are not only failing as duty-bearers, they will inevitably have a less robust child safeguarding framework in place.

The Child Participation in Safeguarding 2022 global summit is the first step in a three-year child participation programme developed by Keeping Children Safe.

It will provide a unique platform for practitioners to share experiences, best practices, resources, challenges and successful experiences on how children and young people can participate in developing child safeguarding measures.

Most importantly, it will offer children and young people from across the world an opportunity to put direct questions to practitioners and share their views and experiences of safeguarding.

What to expect

The Child Participation in Safeguarding 2022 summit aims to better protect children from harm by engaging organisations, governments and networks around the world in child safeguarding and by providing models of good practice on child participation in safeguarding. Join us to learn more about why and how to integrate child participation in child safeguarding. Access tools, resources and the latest research. As well as opportunities to network and share challenges and solutions with child safeguarding practitioners across the world.

Partner with us

We would love to work in partnership with organisations that share our mission to end the abuse, exploitation and neglect of children in organisations around the world.

If you would like to join us in our mission to end child abuse, please do contact Valentina Mirabolano today.

All organisations have the responsibility to protect children and while the majority do everything they can to keep them safe, too many still have critical gaps in child safeguarding – putting children at risk from harm. If you are concerned about children in your organisation, with our expert-led online training we will help you recognise the risks of child abuse, close child safeguarding gaps, and put children first in everything you do.

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